Pan Mixer Machine / Flyash Bricks Mixer Machine

Product Description:-

“Vitthal”, We Are commited towards developing building materials that serve both our customers and the environments.

Fly-Ash Product are the result of R & D of many technical institute. fly-Ash a waste product of thermal power,steel and othe burning pulverized coal is generally disposed off in to environments, polluting the air, we breath, water we drink and the soil we live of the cost of into bricks has turned out to be a step not only to aclear environments. but has also given the building and construction industry an exciting new material for building stronger more durable and eshetically better sructre for new Generation.

Vitthal- Heavy duty fly-Ash Mix-Muller are specially designed, sturdy constructions and easy maintenance. Best Quality and tested raw materials are use and hence long life ensured even at high working rate. Means fit it forget it.


Two scraper are provided for combined mixing and aerating action. One aerating the sand the periphery of the pan and the other around the center block. These scrapers are so arranged that sand is continually through in the path of rollers which ensure through mixing & mulling.


Muller are made of heavy weight and having more width. The special design of elimate the possibility of jamming.


Special design of mixing arm helps to mix quickly. Usually the plate of mixing arm needs often replacement. Due to special design replacement of plate becomes very easy.


Right type and size of bearing and use of more number of bearing in cover the life of machine and consume less power.

Gear & Electrical:-

electrical motor and gears are totally enclosed by covers. Enclosed mechanism protect against accidents and also reduces the vibration and notice. Self lubricating gears are reduce the maintenance cost down time and increase the life of gears and bearings.

In short the machine is perfect in respect of desired performance and out put with maximum sturdiness, durability and reliability. The installation as also maintenance of the machine is very easy.

Most useful for Foundry, Abrasive, Powder, Ceramic, Fertilizer, Colour, Detergent, Refractory, Paint, Masala Industries etc.


Batch Capacity
Elec. Motor
Muller Size
RPM of Muller
Dia of Pan
MM-ft ( Approx )
Dia x w
200 kg 5 H.P 16" × 6" 2 25 - 30 1200 - 4'
250 kg 7.5 H.P 18" × 9" 2 25 - 30 1500 - 5'
300 kg 7.5 H.P 18" × 9" 2 25 - 30 1500 - 5'
500 kg 12.5 H.P 18" × 9" 2 25 - 30 1500 - 5'
750 kg 20 H.P 20" × 9" 2 25 - 30 1650 - 5'.6"
1000 kg 25 H.P 20" × 9" 2 25 - 30 1800 - 6'